Friday, December 14, 2007

My 'WHY'

Four days ago I met an old friend I knew during my days in NST. I was working... doing what we call in Herbalife 'walk n talk' when I bumped into him. Normal question, 'What are you doing bla bla bla. I told what I was doing and what I'm currently involved with. He took one step back, looked hard at me and asked me why am I doing this........'walk n talk' and Herbalife @#$%! He could not understand it. You see before I left NST, I was the Regional Advertisement Manager for the NSTP group. My jurisdiction spans far and wide from 'Perlis sampai ke Sabah' just as the song 'BERJAYA' goes. I had 52 staff under my care and working for the largest publishing House in the country. So why did I leave such a secure job and settle for something that brings me to the streets to meet and talk with people. WHY?
Because me and my wife, we have dreams. Many of us have dreams, some big dreams some small and humble dreams. I wish not to comment on other peoples' dreams and whether they have fulfilled them or not. But as for me and my household, we will please the Lord and fulfill our dreams. And if that means 'walk n talk', doing flyers, talking to our family, friends, strangers and sharing the opportunities with them, we will do it till we fulfill our dreams. My work today has never been more difficult and heart-breaking then I've ever encountered in all my years of work and the heartbreaks and disappointments we will continue to encounter. Yet my work today has never been more satisfying and gratifying then it has ever been so far. You see, when one work towards his or her goals and the 'WHY' we do it is bigger than the challenges, these challenges and obstacles are minnows compared to our dreams and the 'WHY' we do it. One great thing I learned from the trainings in Herbalife, it taught me how to Discipline my Disappointments. The trainings also taught me that the only secret to success is HARD WORK. Hard work with good planning, correct guidance from dedicated mentors, right attitude and being teachable is the key recipe to a successful life. Because success is not what we achieve but what we ultimately become.
Jim Rohn, world famous Business philosopher once said, 'For things to Change, we have to Change. For things to get Better, we have to get Better'.


zorro said...

I beleive in your's and Elizabeth's dream but MIA at NPC? Drink and share your philosophy with us more often lah.

JBingkasan said...

Yes, I also believed in achieving my dream.

J.T. said...

Hi Tony

I guess some people cannot understand another person's dream because it is not theirs. Everyone has different goals in life. How one achieves one's dream differs from another. It becomes incomprehensible to some because they fear the risks you take.

I faced the same thing when I left the country. Some could not understand why I wanted to move to an unknown life when I had all the comforts of home. But I knew what I wanted and went for it.

That aside, I hope by the time I return to Malaysia next year (for a holiday), you won't go MIA.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi JB,
Nice to hear from you again. Are you in Sabah or in Semenanjung? If you're in KL drop by NPC and we catch up on some old times. fredo is not around anymore but we can still have a beer on his behalf. Merry Christmas Ba and Happy New Year!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi JT,
I sure am looking forward to your visit back home. It all depends when you'll be here cos I'm contemplating moving to the Philippines to extend my Herbalife business there. I'm planning to spend at least 6 months there. My dreams, JT, its out there. I just have to go and work and find it.