Saturday, December 8, 2007

Choy Wan

Was reading the MM yesterday, 7/12.07 and was intrigued by an interview write-up titled 'Broadcasting Love' with Choy Wan (pix). CW hosts ntv7's reality show, Cornetto Love? Perhaps

An excerpt from this interview. Quite interesting! Pay attention to those that are bold and italic

MM: Being a celebrity, do you think that hinders or limits your scope
meeting guys?

CW: For me, it doesn't limit my scope. However, I do find that it's kind of a hindrance because men get intimidated by the fact that I am a personality and they have some preconception about me, that I'm this and that kind of person. But when they actually find out, they'd be like, `oh my God, you're actually nice!' I try and stay as down to earth as possible. And guys don't have the confidence to approach me because they think I'm just going to snap!
The nicest thing a guy can do is just come to me and introduce himself
or say he'd like to buy me a drink, something like that. But lots of
guys, they just look at me and they just stare and they don't bother
coming up. Maybe it's also the Asian culture, men are more shy here. My
boyfriends said that I have a very intimidating look. Like if I go to
clubs, and since I don't like to be picked up by guys in club, my body
language is a bit off. It takes a very rare guy to come up to me and just
say hi. So if I go to countries outside Malaysia and Singapore where I'm
not so well-known, then the guys don't get so intimidated and they are
much more okay and relaxed. It's a hindrance because they don't dare to
call me and for me, if you're not confident enough, I'd say goodbye and
don't waste my time.
I'm still a regular girl. If a guy naturally has the confidence and the
charisma, me being a celebrity would not bother him. Because everyone's a
human being and I'm just like everyone else. I mean, I fart and I stink
everytime I wake up in the morning - normal. Celebrities, we are not gods
or goddesses. People glorify celebrities so much sometimes. Actually,
we're just like the person next door. We have problems. We have our
Of course there are people who change when they hit the limelight and
they change into this start thinking other people are below them, and
it's really sad to see. I try not to be that, I have my mom and my family
that keep me down to earth. I don't get special treatment when I'm at
home. My friends, even those whom I know from school, treat me the same.
Nothing's changed. They keep me real and I like that. At the end of the
day, I do this to make a living.

MM: Your definition of love is...

CW: Love is when he's the first thing you think of when you wake up in the
morning and the last thing on your mind when you go to bed. The person
will be on your mind 24 hours a day. It's not that I want a guy to
worship me but, it's like you are everything to him.

MM: Do you believe in love at first sight?

No I don't. I believe in lust at first sight. I'm being realistic. Love
takes time to grow. I'm not the type of person who falls in love very
quickly. You cannot just say you love a person straight away because love
is not just a word, it deals with compatibility, friendship, whether you
can get along with you and your family, it's not just a feeling.

MM: How do you know that that's the time, the moment of falling in love?

CW: When I look at them and gush ... `he's so absolutely wonderful'.

MM: What's your dream guy like and what does he need to do to woo you?
CW: Three main things. He needs to be intelligent, because he needs to be
able to carry intellectual, stimulating conversations so I can go, `oh
wow'. He needs to be funny because he needs to be able to make me laugh.
Humour is very important to me. And three, he's got to be very loving; he
needs to give me endless hugs and kisses because I love to be manja. I
also like a guy who shares the same values as I do because at the end of
the day, as we grow old, you want somebody who see things the same way as
you. Someone who also respects my family and my friends and makes the
effort to know my family and friends and not be selfish. I like a guy who
comes from a similar background or someone who understands it.
I've dated guys who have not been the best looking men in the world,
pretty average, but it's their minds that blew me away.
I also like guys who are creative, because I write poetry and songs
myself and if that guy can read and relate to it, I'd really appreciate


zorro said...

Looks like all our celebs have a prepared text to fall back on because the interviewer are all the time asking those prepared ask stock dumb questions you get stock dumb answers. Am I being too unkind or is it I am jealous nobody engages me on how to celebrate being a celebrity. Shit, I am getting senile. Yes!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Exactly my point sir. Can we learn anything from them other than their audacious attempt to self elation.