Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogs and Rules

Its been a while, I know, since T Adnan and Rehman R took a dig at bloggers. When I commented on TA's accusations, I mentioned I'll not be deviated again. But with RR's remarks concerning bloggers, which includes me, my daughter and thousands others who blog for the love of writing and aspiring to achieve something, its a hit below the belt. We aspire to a higher agenda than the lowly anatomy we were refered to. I'm sure, TA and RR, with whatever conscience they may have, will be reeling with their heads in the palms of their hands, uttering to themselves, 'What shit-hole have I got myself into'. However, if they strongly believe and hold fast to what they said with gumption, then I'll be waiting with bated breath for their response to rightfully defend what they said. So lets hear it TA and RR. Defend yourselves.
You see Sirs, I learnt one thing in the game of life. You don't fight fire with fire. If you do, remember the Fire Department uses water. If anyone wants to play the Bloggers Game, be prepared to play by the bloggers rules. And the rules are fair. Some bloggers may stray. But it only reflects their character, their mentality, maturity and attitude.
I shall end with this:
Bloggers don't blog the rules, but rule the BLOGS.


zorro said...

Having known Tony G since the early sixties I only once witnessed his anger. It was a championship finals and eight buses took La Salle Sentul supporters to VI. We lost by one goal because we played against 12 opponents, if you get my drift. When the final whistle blew, Tony G ran up to me and asked me to protest. When I told the team it was futile to protest the decisions of a referee, Tony G took off his school colours and threw that in front of me. On normal occasions he would have merited a slap. I did nothing. Under normal circumstances Tony G would not do the unthinkable. I did nothing because I knew that his intensity and passion translated into an angry gesture. And passion has always been Tony's middle name. Today I see him going into his new business with the same drive, fervour and passion only he can exhibit. I grew up with him and we learnt from each other. Today, Tony is angry again. He is angry because two individuals crossed the line that transgressed into his passionate belief about the infinite opportunities blogging can complement his current passion, his business. We walk together Tony in this belief and conviction.

Anonymous said...

As what I’ve wrote in my latest posting in my blog, expressing opinion is one’s right. But then winning an argument over the internet/blogsphere is like winning the “Special Olympics”. In the end you’ll still be a retard. Then when ego rises, no mind can think properly…causing you to make a fool out of yourself.

kemalakboy said...

Dear Tony

Just like you I don't enjoy giving thoughts on political matters which i consider, 'beyond me'. But the recent comments by TA and RR were really uncalled for and I di agree with you.

Its ok for one to s--k-up to their bosses, but below the belt comment which hurt others is very unmanly.

But for some, they just couldn't get it. Thus how would they apologize if they honestly believe that they are right (even how stupid we know they are - and i am very sure they know this for a fact themselves).

I am sorry bro but just drop it. You are too good a blogger to waste your time on TA and RR. They wouldn't have a clue on what you are saying anyway.

So can I have my happy cheerful blogger back???

Cheers Bro


stand-up philosopher said...

My dear Kemalaboy,
Thank you for reminding me of my mission in blogging. Even when I was posting my comments on TA and RR, I could feel within me negative vibes oozing out fro me and thats bad. I must be positive to attract things positive. And thats what I stand for. Thanks once again.