Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Blogger

To all my friends in blogsphere,
My dear friend Jacqueline Tegjeu-Martin has just started her blog
Do check her out and give her our warmest welcome. I'm sure we welcome anyone who aspires to blog and I'm sure we'll encourage her along her new found journey in life.
Bloggers don't blog the rules, but rule the BLOGS.


Jacqueline Tegjeu-Martin said...

Tony, thank you very much for the introduction and the encouragement.

sYaNa said...

Hi Tony :o)

i was blog-hopping. came across your blog, read your entries & like it. now, leaving a trace of my presence here :o) will come back again & again :o)

Hello Jacqui :o) Welcome to the blog community :o)

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Syana,
Thanx for dropping by. My blog will be more meaningful when visitors leave comments and suggestions. Its the only way we improve...from the comments of our friends in blogsphere. Have a nice day.