Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Accept The Compliment

About three months ago I met a young gentleman. He is Portuguese. Not from the Settlement in Melaka but from Portugal. His Name is Jorge Saboga.
My initial encounter with him was merely a fleeting acquaintance. Never thought I could learn or gain anything from him. Not that I didn't want to. He never appealed to me, as a speaker or a trainer. I prejudged him before I knew him.
So lesson number one. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.
Not till I attended a training session he conducted. Wow! I was blown away. Not me but everyone I met after that training session had the same impact.
I met Mr. Saboga a few days after that session and thanked him for proving me wrong of what impression I had of him. I also thanked him for such a powerful training he gave. He said thank you with a big broad Portuguese smile.
And this is what he said that I will remember for a long time. He said, 'If someone, in their sharing and their testimonials, uses your name and you as an example on how they have benefited, then you know you have succeeded'. And say thank you when people say you did a good job. Accept the compliment. You deserve it.
Two months later, Mr. Saboga invited me to deliver a part of a training and to share the same stage with him and other more accomplished trainers to an audience of about 300 people. This is the beginning of a dream come true. I thank him for the opportunity and make me believe I can do the things I'm capable of doing.


J.T. Martin said...

Though I am not too quick to judge someone by his/her appearance, some people just beg me to form a quick opinion when they present themselves in the first instance. It is all about personal preferences. It is ideal not to judge a book by its cover but tell me who is not guilty of such a 'crime'? We keep reminding ourselves we shouldn't judge, yet human nature gets the better of us.

As for lesson number two, it took me a long time to complete it. In fact, I keep revising that lesson occasionally. It is either I don't recognise my positive qualities or I don't expect compliments to come my way due to past experiences. However, getting older has thought me to be more confident and accept things as they are and as they come my way. Slowly but surely.
One thing I am sure of.. knowing that Tony feels not dancing with me some Sundays ago was a wasted opportunity is a compliment to me. Thank you! By the way Tony, you were not judged in anyway negatively when I first met you. Cheers!

stand-up philosopher said...

Dear JT,
I was taught that success is not what you achieve, but what you become. When I read your comments, I feel positive energy coming out from your comments. My blog is much 'wealthier' with you coming into it and others as well and with so much of positive inputs. Keep them coming in JT and hope to catch up with you again .....SOON.

J.T. Martin said...

Tony, thank you for passing on the wisdom that success is not what I achieve but what I become. Truly inspiring.