Sunday, March 18, 2007

Simple Is Not Easy

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.”
Richard Bach

Ever thought about the above quote?
All of us have wishes, dreams, goals. Setting down our goals and dreams...simple? Yes. Accomplishing them...easy?...No.
We have been told many times that we can do anything we want to do. Yet how many of us truly believe this.
We use this to encourage our kids to set goals and to dream big. Yet as we grow older, we forget this rule ourselves. Why? Because achieving our dreams, our goals means we have to work and work hard.
We dream of driving a porche but we are only prepared to sit at the teh tarik stall and just talk about it. So our dream will only be a dream. Never a reality.
In my years working in the Corporate world, I grumble why my salary is low. Why no promotion bla bla bla.
Now I know. I get paid for the value I bring to the market place.
So now I go out and work to fulfill my dreams, to achieve my goals. Now I stop grumbling. I go out and work. Wishing and dreaming is simple. Achieving them is not easy.
SIMPLE IS NOT EASY. But with hard work and extreme dedication, anything is achieve.


Anonymous said...

what u wrote reminds me of "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho...About a Shepard that believes in his dreams and pursue it, and the dream came true! …and so a lesson I learned from the book, “if you really want something, the world will conspire to help you achieve it”, but the trick is, you must also work as hard in return.. my share of the experience, i wish hard and then find my way thru it for almost a year..and now i've just landed my dream job...something that will contibute to the bigger dream that i have been having..

J.T. Martin said...

It is so true that we lose sight of our goals as we get older. I am very quick to tell my niece and nephew that they have to work hard to achieve their dreams but I have realised that I need to tell myself the same thing or I will not be practising what I preach. Some plans have not materialised due to circumstances in life but opportunities will present itself again and I will grab it without hesitation.

zorro said...

Tony, this gem from Noel Baker, the futurist: Vision without Action is just a Dream.

Not easy to achieve our goals probably because our goals are not SPECIFIC, not MEASURABLE, difficult to ACHIEVE, beCause they are not REASONABLE, and we do not give our goals a TIME-FRAME (to accomplish).I will expand this if you wish, one on one.

stand-up philosopher said...

Ms ambitious young lady.....,
P Coelho is one of my favourite authors. Its authors like him that inspire me to want to be the kind of people they write in their books. Share with us your dream job and what and what inspires you along the way.
Thanks for dropping by.

Ms JT,
Nice to hear from you again. When the opportunity comes JT, grab it with bith hands. Learn from me. Till today dancing with you will only be in my dreams, not a reality. Because I let that one chance pass by.

stand-up philosopher said...

Thanks for the invite on one on one. I'll wait, as you'll say, with bated breath.
And you're right sir in your comment. When I think of accomplishing dreams, I recall the story of how God instructed Noah to build the Ark. For a perfect Ark to be built, Noah had to follow the specifics laid down by the very T. Only when that was meticulously followed, a perfect Ark was built...that could weather any storm.

Anonymous said...

yeah man...i do like my teh tarik though...but sometimes i need to balance my passion for imagination with a schedule for achievement. :D