Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Too Short?

Sure you must have heard this being said many times, 'Life is too short so.....'
My favourite author Robin Sharma said, 'Life is too short so don't play small'.
'life is too short'. Ever thought about that? Does this statement make any sense?
I have thought about this but only recently, like today!
Unless I'm missing the point or something, could some kind soul please educate me on this statement...Zorro please...Terrence Netto, help!
Ya, ya, ya, I can hear someone chuckle and saying,'They're talking about you la Tony', cos everything about you is short..in short.....Quite true.
Like you know why I can't make it into blue films? B'cos of my short comings!
Just b'cos I use glasses, they say I'm short-sighted.
B'cos I lack stamina, they say I'm short of breath.
Some years back I told my Singapore counterpart that I can't raise a basketball team b'cos I am 2 players short. He replied, 'no problem, we can loan you 2 players'. I had to tell him polietly that what I meant was we have enough players but that we have 2 players who are short. Quite an embarrassing miscomm huh.
And its no fun being short too. You're always the last to know its raining!
You can't really sing with feelings the Paul Anka favourite, 'Put your head on my shoulder'. So normally when I sing this song, I change it to, 'Put your Legs on my shoulder'. Its easier.
Life is never too short.
Those who 'checked out' at age 70, 80 or 90 years? Was life too short for them? Maybe at age 15, 20, or even 30 or 40 years, we can say it was a short life.
Having given this much thought, about 24 hours or so, would you rather agree and say that 'Life is UNPREDICTABLE'.We never know when we're going to 'check out'.
Yet even if life is unpredictable, the choices of lifestyle and how we live our lives is in our hands. Just as 'checking out' is beyond our control, living our lives to our fullest is way within our control.
'Life is unpredictable so don't play small'. Don't short-change ourselves in life's abundance.
Even if at 50 years I suddenly realise life for me is just beginning, I want to live every day to its fullest. To achieve what my boyhood dreams were and enjoy the simplest things in life. Things like taking the weekend off and camping by the beach. Playing football in the rain with the neighbourhood kids. And just like Robin Sharma says, for just a moment, lets shut our eyes, and smile into the breeze.
Life is unpredictable folks, We may be here today and gone tomorrow.
The only thing is, did we play the game to win.
Did I fulfill my childhood dreams?
Remember in our primary school days when our teacher asked us what our ambitions were?
I had big dreams then, big ambitions. It did not matter whether I could achieve them or not. But I had dreams.
In school, I had dreams. What happened! What happened to my dreams, my goals, my ambitions?
All of a sudden, I stopped dreaming, never set goals, no ambitions...never thought about them again.
Why? Sad to say, I grew up!
I forgot how to dream. I became ordinary and allowed myself to think that my current mediocre lifestyle is all that I can have.
Not true!
I can choose to be mediocre, ordinary or extraordinary. The choice is mine..and so, yours as well folks. Lets seize the day as I remember Mark Hughes, the Founder of Herbalife Int., say,
'Give your best today, and tomorrow do a little bit better than today'. Way to go Mark!
Till my next posting, seize the day!


zorro-unmasked said...

Tony a masterful and impactful piece, subtle copulation of wit and philosophy. Will use that bit about forgetting to dream in my next training assignment.Keep them home-truths coming....I am waiting with bated breast....oopps...breath.Much cheers.

~~ Dev ~~ said...

Hye, Robin Sharma is my Favourite author too.

I wanted to know from you that, "Do you know his birth date and month" I only know the He was born in 1965, If possible plz mail me.

My Email: davekrunal46@gmail.com

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