Friday, January 19, 2007

Just DO it la...!!!

Just got back from what my friend and benefactor Bernard Khoo calls 'a mid-week de-stressing drink' from our favourite watering hole. Of course our conversation was about my new blog and why I have not posted my next - what you call this ah...posting ah or to get use to these terminologies - one yet.
Oh I have and some just waiting to be posted. Philosophy is heavy stuff and most of my philosophy is from a guy that has taught me more in life than what I got from text books. He's familiar to most of my friends as I've shared about him several times. He is Johnny F.
I met Johnny last year after Christmas after some 23 years. Johnny has travelled the world over and has settled in Australia. During our conversation over a pint, I asked Johnny, " Why after all these years you still haven't got married?" "You're 51 years already" I said. Just like the Johnny I knew, he answered, " I was looking for the perfect woman la". "So did you find her?" I asked. His answer was quick and spontaneous. Yes! And why didn't you marry her? Just as quickly he replied, " She was looking for the perfect man".
Sounds familiar guys? I was like that... always waiting for the right time, the perfect timing, the right mood, setting and so on to do things I always wanted. Well Its never gonna come. Today will present itself as it did yesterday as it will tomorrow. We just have to seize it..what comes may. So I told this to my friend and benefactor Bernard Khoo tonight. Bernard always wanted to start a blog of his own. But was waiting for the right time, right angle, right niche. Right! Now is the time. Remember this cos I learned this from the richest woman I have ever met, Leslie Stanford and she said..."An imperfect plan started is better than a perfect plan NEVER started". Go for it. Adopt the Nike philosophy Bernard...JUST DO IT! I did it. I got my blog started. Its not perfect but one that is going to be filled with outrageous philosophies.
Like Patrick T will always say, niaaamah! Go for it la. Guys/gals/anyone/anything, you got plans, big dreams, goals, ambitions? don't just dream about it, get cracking and reach for the top And enjoy the climb while doing it.

Today is also my friend Lazarus Rokk's birthday. Happy birthday Rokk. For those who do not know who this guy is..not many for sure..he looks like Robin Sharma (RS) at a glance. I can already hear some people asking, "who the hell is this Robin Sharma?" Don't bother. Only that he's famous and makes million$ and helping people make million$. But Rokk is in some ways like RS. Good at the things he is passionate about and mighty proud of it as well. A good sports journalist and had a tremendous following when he had his weekly column in NST. So, I heard that he's having a party at Online pub in Damansara Kim today and ALL are invited. See you there brudder and will have a jolly good time. Till my next posting...Cheers!


shanghaistephen said...

Hey Philo -(hey this is not 'short' for phideophile lah but "loving" or "friend", tony !),

What's with Johnny F huh ? You sure he's not happy as a pie (gay )?
Anyways the philosopher has spoken yet again Bernard Khoo... its now or never ! Seize the day hmmm !
You could call your blog "Plumbers United" heh...heh... !just a happy thought..master !

lazarus said...

Hey Tony, tnks for the birthday greetings, but there's no big party or what la bro. Just a few frieds getting together to buy me a drink or two and listen to some music. See u there bro tonight after 9. cheers.


hello mr funnyman,

can i borrow a bit of the story? about the not-so-perfect man finding his perfect woman who was still looking for the perfect man?

next time, i tell you funny story which you can also borrow.

bye bye.... and see you at rokk's party.

Anonymous said...

Ooiiii Mr.SUP
apa jadi 2 posts and you think you can sit and watch the comments come rolling in ahhh???
Mana boleh, you takboleh, malaysia boleh. ? write lah don't keep that wisdom inside you darling ! Let if all flow with the wine !!!
By the way I saw you last week at the national press.
turn me on now,,toni.

Anonymous said...

Tony, a wee correction..."our mid-week de-stressing drink" and also by wednesday morning the spirit-level has gone down to the ankles and a refill is necessary to see me thru Saturday morning. Good thought, stephen "Plumbers United" but I want to more "drastic" than plumbing....I am think of "The Sweeper...sweeping the dirt, but never under the carpet." What you guys think? TVSmith I hear you loud. Have to go now for a top-up with Musa Scully. BK