Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Dream Come True

So Zorro has finally posted his new blog. Congrats! It has been long overdue Zorro. And Look at the comments you received?. You didn't know you had a following huh! I'm sure it was a dream come true for you. After all the years of posting comments on other blogs, you must have waited with 'bated breast' for this day.
And yes of course its not the in-thing to do but a dream come true all the same.
I was pondering on this thing on working on my dreams.
We know that dreams occur moments before we wake up.
We don't dream the whole time we are asleep. So, if we do not have a dream (goals, ambitions etc) chances are we must still be sleeping. Something to think about.
Zorro finally woke up and fulfilled his dream. I hope we all have dreams because that means sleeping time is almost over.
So folks, lets all wake up from our slumber, go seize the day and say, 'Today is the day'......... and only you'll know for what.
So go out there and do what you always wanted to do and do it with gumption. Having said that, I leave this wise saying from my friend Johnny,


Anonymous said...

Going through your postings reminds me of the times when you would tell us all the bawdy jokes about Johnny F, etc when we were at the National Press Club. The same spontainity and fun is there in your postings, but now there is a dash of philosophy and reasoning. Makes me feel like I'm in the old Press Club once again, only this one is virtual.

God bless

zorro-unmasked said...

Tony, Zorro wouldnt have been unmasked had you not probbed and poked me out of the comfort-zone as a poster. The Acts of the Apostles did declare that "old men shall see visions and young men shall have dreams". But these two functions can fuse into fruition. The Band of Bloggers, that is you included can nurture those dreams of a Bangsa Malaysia, where fences are mended and religious, ethnic, differences give way to a commanality of aspirations. Thanks Tony for not poking too hard. Much cheers.

Allied said...

Bloooooodie Helll Matey,
Did not expect to find you ere man.
Aha, from one tony to the next...
Blog on!

Tony Yew a.k.a alliedmartster

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Vanitha,
It was in the Press Club where Johnny was resurrected. And remember the ...tal juice story? Its going to be on my next posting. And by the way, Liverpool is not doing too bad huh!

stand-up philosopher said...

I always knew you were made for this. So much substance, so much knowledge, so much experience. May your blog and all others encourage others to blog as well. For some may be sitting there broken hearted, trying to shit but only farted....if you know what I mean la!

MarinaM said...

Hi Tony!!! Didn't know you had a blog too! Learn something new everyday! Anyway great to see you here. Come and visit mine some time!

Anonymous said...

"For some may be sitting there broken hearted, trying to shit but only farted....if you know what I mean la!" -- don't know how much more toilet wisdom is bottled up inside of you, waiting to be released.

And I almost forgot the "juice" joke. While other blogs will be trying to push the borders as far as freedom of speech is concerned, you'll be pushing the borders of decency. Quite a change from the rest.

Liverpool would have been at the top of the table if only the ex-Leeds boy Kewell was playing instead of nursing an injury.

My day has just started and I am going to do as you say: seize the day. This, despite the fact that it is an ordinary day with nothing unusual lined up.

God bless

shanghaistephen said...

True to your word you have spoken yet again ,pheeeew.
Hey Philo.. Only Loinel Ritchie can actually shit on the ceiling man..while dancing on it too... everybody else can dream on...!heh heh !!!

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Marina,
Nice of you to visit my humble blog. Trying to be objective but objectivity for me is just a direction not a goal. Do visit your blog sometime and will be there more often. The last time we met was when I was doing fly'ers at KLCC. Say hello if you see me doing it again. These days I'm more at Masjid Jamek in the mornings.

Anonymous said...

There are handful of us in the media for whom it is near impossible to dream. Our hopes are just about gone, and I don't know if there is any possibility of things getting better.
I joined the newspaper years ago, thinking that I could be an agent of change in society. For a while, I thought I was - writing about people who have been forced into prostitution, kidney patients who go from newspaper to newspaper hoping for stories about them to be published so they can get funding (I used to get angry because I came from the school of thought that said public health should be public health; it's the govt's responsibility to care for the sick and they should not absolve themselves of this responsibility), of workers who are fighting for that RM5 increase in their wages only to be blocked by employers, etc.

Now I'm just a production worker in this factory that produces news and entertainment. Marx was right: if you give the capitalists the media, they'll turn it into an industry and its functions as the fourth estate will disappear into the hole of greed.

I see people who have been detained without trial for years for small offences like stealing bicycles and handphones under the Emergency Ordinance and then I see people who have almost bankrupted the country walking about freely and talking about justice. I see families barely being able to cope with the rising prices and then I see people hoodwinking the public into believing a certain billion-dollar project is good for the country where a big chunk of the funds goes into their pockets.
Each time I see such things, I feel like a failure. So helpless.
The media's responsibility is to publicise issues, but when it fails to do so, there should be another avenue. I guess this is where the bloggers come in.
My hopes rises just a little, but still not enough to dream of a better society and a better check-and-balance system.

One day at a time, I guess, and bit by bit.

lost in paradise

Corpgovernance said...

tony said...

..and you'll never walk'll neeeee verrrrrr walllllllllllllk alone! Walk On !

Oh forgot to put me blog
Audra's case is on February 21st, we do ot think we will be able to beat MAS given that two previous cases were dismissed! But we are not going down silently.
We will tell the world what kind of F^&%$#^ run the airlines....

Tony, from Tony (he he)

Meng said...

Wow, I think I stumbled upon a community of closely knit bloggers here. I think I just fille dup my "add to favourites" list. Looking forward to reading all your stuff.

stand-up philosopher said...

Dear Lost in paradise,
Wow! Agents of change, you, me? Why not. Allow me to share a story I heard from my favourite preacher, Dr. Ravi Zacharias. Here goes:

One of the just man came to Sodom determined to save its inhabitants from sin and punishment. Night and day he walked the streets and markets protesting against greed, thefts, faults and indifference. In the beginning people listened and smiled ironically. Then they stopped listening. He no longer even amused them. The killers went on killing. The wise kept silent as if there were no just men in their midst.
One day a child, moved by compassion for this unfortunate teacher, approached him with this words. 'Poor stranger, you shout, you scream. Don't you see it is hopless?' 'Yes I see' answered the just mas. 'Then why do you go on shouting and screaming?'. 'I'll tell you why little boy'. 'In the beginning i thiught I could change man. Today I know I can't. If I still shout, if I still scream today, it is to prevent man from ultimately changing me'.

Do we have any optiopns, Lost in paradise? What will be at stake and what will be the issues if we stop shouting and screaming and giving our 2 cents worth of how we feel and think. We cannot change the world or our nation alone. But a collective voice, who knows what can happen.
I leave you with these wise words from a master business philosopher, Jim Rohn: 'For things to change, you/I have to change. For things to get better, you/I have to get better'.