Sunday, March 11, 2007

Utter Imbecility

I do not rant or rave at politicians, Govt. officials, or people in general for whatever reason it may be. My blog does not take that route. I leave it to other bloggers who are more well informed, more profound and more articulate in that field. But today I have to betray my principles I hold dear to my mission in blogging, just this once, for the sake of my fellow bloggers especially female bloggers.
The accusation of our 'esteemed' Tourism minister that all female bloggers are liars does not only reflect his retarded intellect but also the respect he has for bloggers. Mr Tourism sir, my daughter is also a blogger and you have accused my daughter of being a liar. Please sir, prove to me that she is a liar otherwise I think she deserves an apology from you for that accusation. If you wish to know which is her blog, I suggest you go through the entire 8,000 female mended blogs and decide. If you are unable to do so, than apologise to all the female bloggers you labeled as liars....if you have the BALLS to do so.


Rockybru said...

So well said bro. I have a daughter and I am going to encourage her to blog when she's older and this man has already branded her a future liar, anti-national unity and pro-civil war. Indians will kill everyone else? Goodness!

zorro said...

Tony, the mak-fugger is going thru the 8000 blogs. I am indulging in basic voodoo chantings now and piercing his photo and down-loading 1 million fire-ants up his windward passage. He deserves only cheap fire-ants. I am leaving the more vicious species for Sharizat. I am giving her 48 hours to make a statement.If you know of the most vicious ants, give me a heads-up...need to store some for future use.

mob1900 said...

Found kinda hard to sleep because of this dimwit and now imbecile statement, but I rather deal with a bigoted minister compare to some 'major english' paper which dares not report it. Syabas to S.J. for having the guts to report us the truth as it is.

Shanghai Fish said...

Dear Philo,
If this moron's prediction is true, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my life here in my Malaysia... why... maybe even change the name to Indianasia.. !
How can these words be uttered by a Tengku/politician ? Remember we are the Bigger fools for letting them get away with this kind of crap and murder !
It is amazing how his wife and daughters can tolerate all this ...shame on this Tengku...!

Anonymous said...

Tengku ni..... "tengku" celup!!
Kepala kosong, otak tahi lembu dan mulut cuma lubang shj utk buat bising.
Idiocy of the first degree.
I'm with you with your comments on the dumbo, Tony.
As a committed blogger, you sometimes cannot but stray, into even your non-preferred areas or subject.


Anonymous said...

there are times i wonder, who's more politically incorrect? the bloggers or the ones that are against the bloggers?

Anonymous said...

If, according to the Minister women bloggers are liars, then we are a familiy of liars.

My mom blogs, my aunts blog & my female cousins blog.

But hey why did he only label women bloggers as liars?

My uncles and male cousins blog too.

You rite, such a statement coming from the mouth of a Minister simply reflects his own stupidity.

And his response that he was misquoted a week later...well we know now who is the liar.

LIAR, LIAR, LIAR...that's you KUNAN!


Anonymous said...

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