Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Herbalife Seminar In Macau

The Venue...The Venetian Resort, Macau.....Simply Majestic, by day or by night!

The Venetian by night.........

Below - Painting on the ceiling at the entrance to the casino

Entrance to the casino....

One of the many condolas in the indoor canals....

With some local Malaysian friends....

With some Herbalife distributors from Taiwan and Australia...

At the Herbalife Party.....

A favourite companion to have at any party.....

And some cute Macau lass to serve you too....

With my business partners from Australia, Roger and Ally Shehata together with our Chairman and MD for Herbalife Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, Dato' Dr Ronnie Tan.
With President Team member from Hawaii, USA, Caroline Tsutukawa. An amazing trainer herself...Don't know who the one to her right though..He just masuk campur take pix.

The Seminar

We, me, Liz and Amanda, just came back from the most incredible Herbalife training in Macau. If you haven't yet taken the Herbalife products, you better find the nearest Herbalife distributor and ask him/her, or you can contact ME, and ask all about the Herbalife products. It may well change your nutritional habits and your family. If you don't think so, no problem. It doesn't change the fact that Herbalife products can help you with your health...extremely!!
Some pix taken during the training sessions - 3 days in all. Incredible.
Above pix is Guillermo Luna from South America. A qualified medical doctor but now a Professional Herbalife Distributor. He was our key speaker during this seminar.
I summarise the key principles Guillermo Luna taught in this seminar.
1. The Principles of being a Leader
2. The Principles of having a Biz Plan
3. The Principles of Money Management
4. The Principles of Having Personal Development

Really, these principles can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Amazing training. Most unbelievable.

Part of the 9 thousand participants from all over Asia Pacific and China.

Next will be the food, to Hong Kong and the toilets.....


steest said...

Hi Tony, Check my blog entry on 19 October and read to the end okay! :)

Great pictures from Macau! You look good!

God bless. Take care. Love from Lita.

KaiYing said...

eeessshhh... so fun!!

nice post nice post.

i wil b there
i wil b there
i m so gonna b there next time!!

sobs sobs.. take care tony!

send my regards to liz n ur 2 daughters!!