Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Its Hari Raya again. One more year gone. If we look back 5 Hari Rayas, and compare it to today, personally, what has changed. Any improvements....across all facets of our lives? Only we can answer that. If things have changed for the better, good if it hasn't,well! We can do something or can can just give excuses after excuses and blame everything under the sun except ourselves. ALL EXCUSES ARE THE SAME IF IT PREVENTS US FROM GETTING THE JOB DONE.

None-the -less, I take this blessed opportunity to extend my sincere greetings to all my Muslim relatives, Muslim neighbours, Muslim friends, ex-classmates, ex-colleagues, Muslims customers and clients, my fellow Muslim Herbalife Distributors a very blessed HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI.
Not forgetting also my Muslim friends at the National Press Club of Malaysia, my fellow Muslim bloggers, Muslims in the Police, Army, Navy and Air Force, my Muslim Member of Parliament for my constituency of Lambah Pantai, all Muslim members of Parliament, all Muslim lay people and professionals who strive for a clean, fair and transparent government. My Hari Raya greetings also for Muslims who are less fortunate, the down trodden, the forgotten, and those DETAINED with or without trial AND THEIR FAMILIES.
I wish all of you a very SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI.
And if we need to do something, let us always do the right thing , not the popular thing.

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shanghaistephen said...

tony, plain and simple words "let us do the right thing, not the popular thing" . Well said !