Friday, June 20, 2008

A Matter Of Priority

These are the members of the National Press Club of Malaysia who scaled Mt. Kinabalu during NPC's recent tour trip to Sabah on 12-15th June 2008.

Someone once said, 'I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it'.

The most difficult thing in the beginning of the climb is to get out of bed. My friend Dino Herrera, one of the climbers on this trip, was struggling with the decision to either go or not to go and climb Mt Kinabalu. On the eve of the climb, I was with Dino and of course we were indulging in our most commonest indulgence of wine, music and some godless chatter. It is easier to say ah! I'll do another day. But I reminded Dino that revelry and merry making will always be around and can be done anywhere. Mt. Kinabalu is only in Sabah. If you missed it now, you'll never know when you'll be back in Sabah again. Do it. Dispel all temptations of putting it off. You'll never regret it. At least you will be able to say to yourself, 'I did it. I climbed Mt. Kinabalu'. Not many people can say this. Be proud when you say this. Its a matter of priority.

True......when the climbers returned after their excruciating yet fruitful experience, those who didn't climb were more envious then those who did. There was something different about them and us. They climbed Mt. Kinabalu. We didn't. Life is about playing the game. You can't win if you don't play.


Kelong Jimmy said...

I have learnt a lot from the Minister of Affairs during that climb. If you want to stay strong when you're 75 years old, you must not practice monogamy.
You must also attach yourself to various partners from neighbouring countries, never one from your own country or one from too far away. You must have sex every night and never with the same partner for two consecutive nights. You must have a regular partner for Sundays. And last but not least, you must drink beer every night and eat lots of chicken feet.

JBingkasan said...


You was down in Kota Kinabalu and did not even called me. May be the next time do remember, please. Its been a long time we had not had beer with friends like we used to be at the NPC, KL.

Anonymous said...

Tony ,
do you know there's alot of conversation about you going on on Aurelia's facebook ? click on the link below and see who's been gossiping about you !

**a samy velu look-a-like