Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wann Know What's Wrong?

Ever heard of this author GK Chesterton? Ever read one of his many, many books title 'What's Wrong With The World'?
According to Dale Ahlquist, President and Co-Founder of American Chesterton Society, GK Chesterton is one of The, if not The, most potent writers of the 20Th Century. Totally agree with him.
D Ahlquist had this to say about Chesterton's 'What's Wrong With The World'.
Our society is experiencing exactly the crisis that Chesterton warned us about almost a century ago. There is a greater disparity than ever between the rich and poor. Our families are falling apart, our schools are in utter chaos, our basic freedoms are under assault. It affects every one of us. As Chesterton says, "Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick."
Ahlquist goes on to say, '
But while we agree about the evil, we no longer agree about the good. The main thing that is wrong with the world is that we do not ask what is right'.

What's wrong with the world.....with our Dale Ahlquist says.....just look around!

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