Monday, May 26, 2008

The Poker Game

Its a poker game really, if you ask me. 5 main players;
1. The Incumbent
2. The Hopeful
3. The De facto4. The Royalty
5. The Ex-

Three cards opened, one more card to play. The Incumbent has an open pair and its his call. He calls. The Ex challenges, so he's in but ups the Incumbent. Next The Royalty follows, so too the De facto and The Hopeful.

The Incumbent is playing to stay. Seems like the Ex is going for broke. The Ex is buying for a Straight Flush. The Royalty is hoping for a Royal Flush, the De facto, a Full House, and The Hopeful is just hopping that everyone is calling a bluff. His biggest open card is the King.
So who has the joker? We have to wait and see. The greatest poker game yet!

- you can't win if you don't play the game
- don't play if you are not of the same league
- if you play, play to win
- play within the stipulated rules.

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