Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Price To Pay.....

There's always a price to pay for a promise to be given. Mark Hughes once said, 'Those who do the work gets the pay'.
This is so true in every human endeavour. In school, if you study, you pass. If you study very hard, you pass with flying colours. I too passed, during term tests, but I copied. I just scraped through. But I was not willing to burn the midnight oil and so I didn't do as well as my schoolmates who had 3-4-5-6 even 9 As. I was not willing to pay the price.
Everyday since the results of the 12Th GE, the media is being filled with whose fault was it that caused the debacle of the ruling coalition. After the dust have subsided and reality sunk in, we can say it was this, it was that, it was him, it was her, and some, that caused the impending result. Failure is not about 'because of somebody or something'. Failure is because we failed to 'DO' and 'DO IT' consistently. We should not confuse motion for action and intentions for accomplishments. If we do, we get caught in the web of self-deceit.
Whatever it may be, those who do the work and do it consistently, will reap the rewards of their labour. That too if we labour in truth. Truth will always prevail. We cannot suppress truth. Its like cream, we cannot keep it down too long. Cream always rises to the top.

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