Friday, April 4, 2008

3 Lessons I learned From Masako Muto

All she wanted was to earn USD2K to get by every month. That's all she wanted. Today, this petite, grey-haired, bespectacled, God fearing, energetic power of a woman, MASAKO MUTO is a multi-millionaire living a life beyond her wildest dreams.

Masako Muto migrated from Japan with her husband to the United States over 25 years ago. America after all was the land of opportunity. If you're willing to put your hand to plough, you'll make it and if luck permits, you can make it big time. The early years in the US seemed ok but as time went by, as Masako puts it, 'we made lots of mistakes'. These mistakes led to her divorce. Her husband moved back to Japan but Masako stayed back. She was too shameful to face the folks back in Japan. Going back would mean failure and Masako was having none of that.
So with that in mind, Masako toiled at several jobs trying to make ends meet and to provide for her three children. It was difficult in the beginning. Masako could not speak English and that added to her predicament. Yet she had no choice. Its do or die.
It was while Masako was working as a waitress that she met another immigrant, a Czecoslovakian couple. These European couple introduced Masako to the Herbalife business opportunity. The first thing Masako asked them was. 'How much do you earn from this business?' Their answer, 'USD2K per month'. Masako was elated. That was what she wanted. That magic figure that would solve all her financial problems..USD2K per month. The rest is history......
I was fortunate to sit in one of Masako's training sessions while she was in Malaysia. So simple yet so powerful. What was the secret of her success? From an almost broken down failure to a multi-millionaire living in the rich and famous Orange County of California. The only time I know or heard of Orange County was from the TV series OC. Now before me stands someone who really comes from OC. What's her story?
3 things I learned from Masako:
1. To succeed, you must have your REASON/S to succeed. These REASON/S must be so great that no challenges or obstacles will prevent you from achieving your success.
Masako's reasons were: She was too ashamed to go back to Japan. It would mean she has failed. She had to prove to the folks in Japan that she was not a failure. And also to feed her three children.
2. She worked HARD to be successful.
Masako had to learn English so that she could get a job or jobs. She worked at several jobs. She kept searching until she found an opportunity that set her on the way to financial freedom...she found Herbalife or shall I say Herbalife found her.
3. She believed in God and she believed in herself.
Masako was God fearing. In everything she did, she put God first in her life. Speaking for a brief moment with her, I could sense her deep devotion for God. And she believed strongly in herself to succeed.
Masako Muto has left a lasting impression on me, my wife and my daughter. When we finally succeed in achieving our dreams, its because we have followed these 3 vital things Masako Muto taught us.

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