Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you have problems cleaning your computer monitor screen. Just like an aquarium, you have to clean the glass on the inside, sooner or later. Some people do that with a brush that is held to the glass by a magnet on the outside. In that way you can clean the inside glass from the outside by moving the brush up and down the glass with the magnet apparatus.
The same goes for the inside of the monitor screen you are watching right now.
Up until now
there was no such cleaner, but thanks to Microsoft there now is, thanks!
Just Click on the below link and move your cursor up, down, back, and forth... This will clean the backside of your monitor screen. The results are amazing. My computer screen looks much, much better now. You will be amazed at the difference and how much better and clearer the words appear and less strain on your eyes...
For the best
results, it is recommended to do a thorough inside cleaning at least once weekly.
I do mine 3 - 4 times a day now, just to aid my failing eye sight....

Click Below To
Clean Your Screen! Click Here now.....

Some people say my blog is too serious sometimes.
So I hope for 2008, I will do a good clean-up job with my blog. I'll try and add more humor in it and give it a bust...oops I mean a best lift to its image.


zorro said...

You naughty son of a gun....I was about to ask you if it was ok for lap-top screen before clicking.Cheers buddy....hug Liz for me please because I dont see her so often nowadays.

shanghaistephen said...

yes !...I can see clearly now....the dust is you to come up with a link !
I actually need 2 bouncing boobs lah to clean my monitor is bigger heheheh !
Cheers and thanks for that cheeky clean-up command !Happy new Year !
Cheers !

J.T. said...

Hi Tony

That was sooo naughty of you. Totally threw me off.
Now, I have to let the man in my life know there is a new screen cleaner. :D