Thursday, October 11, 2007


Was blog hopping as usual.Got on to my favourite author's site Robin Sharma. He reminded me of something I've been taught over and over again but can never seem to be disciplined enough to follow through.
Robin Sharma was reminding his readers that we are now in the last quarter of the year...the last 90 days. That this is the perfect time to focus on A FEW VITAL GOALS - 2 or 3 at the most - that we need to achieve at the end of this last 90 days whether it is business, our lives, our finances, our small dreams, and take it to the next level.
It's also important that your Vital Few reflect the highest priorities in your life and work. Those who make a difference focus their time on what matters most. Whether it is raising your customer service standards, going on private dates with your children or investing time in your character, make sure that your Vital Few are deeply relevant.
I have been coached over and over again about putting a '90-Day Plan' into action.
What the hell is a '90-Day Plan' anyway?
Its simple. Its a plan of action we plan to do in a single day.....and do it consistently for 90 days NO MATTER WHAT.
I've tried to do this many many times but always never made it. There were always excuses and more excuses. And the result.....I did not achieve my goals.
Today I've started my 90-Day Plan once again. I'll follow through it this time....NO MATTER WHAT. You try it as well. See what the result will be at the end of the 90-days!!
You'll never know.

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