Thursday, September 6, 2007


Welcome to the wedding of Kevin and Marianne Khoo, 1st. September 2007.
The Day They Said I DO......

Kevin is Zorro's son. Can you see the resemblance?

This is Marianne, on the left, of course, and Kevin

Kevin and Marianne before the drinking began.

Let's have our first official dance as husband and wife before the serious drinking.

Zorro and Mrs.

Below- Bernie and mom, Petrina. Petrina is Zorro's daughter who is elder to Kevin. When Zorro and wife Karen use to go out partying on a Saturday night, me and my classmates (pix below) will baby-sit Petrina. Our reward....a packet of Hokkien mee.
The youngest Farquharson, Patrick

One for the album.

Below: Louis, Denis, Angeline and Marianne

And who's the mini hunk on the left?

Zorro, Karen, Wayne and Petrina.

Below: I wonder how much all this cost ah?
Cutieeeeeeeessssssss.....and on the right,ok la.

Swaney (bantai la the spelling) and Angeline, the bride's sister, in white and in the center.
The two SYTs on the extreme left and right are, Beautiful and Beautiful respectively.

Above - Ruzbih and Angeline (The Bride's sister)

Below - Petrina (Zorro's daughter) and husband Wayne Farquharson.
Wayne Farquharson, Zorro's son-in-law. Not the SIL that is often mentioned. The only song this guy sings is 'I Shot The Sheriff'. Back in the Bahamas, his friends call him Farqui (Farkee).

WE DID.....

And the drinking begins.

That's Denis Doss hugging Kevin. Denis Doss taught Kevin to sing a song when Kevin was in kindergarten. The lyrics went like this....'No balls at all, no balls at all. She married a guy who had no balls at all'. Of course Mr & Mrs Zorro had to go to the kindergarten the next day and do some damage control.

This one's for you la R Bro. Chinese custom mah must yam seng with bride.

Denis Doss (sometimes we call him Penis Poss), Man(former owner of Man's Cafe in TTDI) and related to a very popular personality in Malaysia...the beautiful lass, I was not introduced to...and Zorro.

My former classmates from La Salle and St. John's. The one with the missing hair is N Raju, former National coach of the Malaysian soccer team.

Blogger Shar101, Audra Yew, Anna Francis, Blogger ShanghaiFish, blogger Nuraina Samad, and Blogger Rocky Bru.

L-R, Sorry la forget this guy's name. But I know him though. We played golf together with Zorro and almost ended up in the military lock-up. Then its one of Malaysia's finest guitarist( because in the Eurasian Club, he is world famous), Homer Jeremiah. These days he only attends weddings , eat and sings in the background with Denis Doss. And don't play golf with him...he farts when you're teeing off. Next to him is 'tick-tock' Jerry Rozells. When he plays golf, he hits his ball, tick, tock and even with that can play a par on a par-5. Next to him is Mrs Tick-tock Rozells.

L-R:Shah (Zorro's neighbour) Jerry Chong (owner of Backyard Pub) Shah's wife, Ruslani, Maria, Can't make out the guy behind Maria, Anthony Yew and Shariman.

Maria and Ruslani.

L-R: Pioneer of The National Press Club of Malaysia, Musa Scully, lawyer Haris Ibrahim and Subang Golf club golfer, Kana. The first time I played golf with Kana, he thought I was a 'Datuk'. Hahahahahah. When he found out I wasn't, he was pissed or relieved...whatever!


My former schoolmates and teacher. L-R: Nelson 'Patches' Fernandez. This guy used to be the darling of the school because of his rendition of the song 'Patches'. In the center is the proud owner of Backyard Pub in Sri Hartamas. Some of the best musicians have played in this pub. Even the great Platters sang there. If you haven't been there, check it out and if you're an old boy of La Salle Sentul, you can try your luck and request a small discount in price of drinks. You never ask, you'll never get. And of course on the extreme right is Monica Tan, my Std. 5 teacher. I always tell whoever I'm introducing Monica Tan to, that she was the reason I went to Canada to study and live. I vividly remember she taught our class North America and it was so exciting that I vowed that one day I'll live in North America. I did it.

Micky Yap (2nd from left) and wife and Shariman and wife.

Shar101, Talking intensely with Ruslani. Looking on is Anthony Yew and wife Audra.

Zorro , Adam Primus, senior partner with Ernst & Young and wife Liza, Chee Keong, Hunk and wife Elizabeth.

(L_R) Pamela Hendroff, Yip Chee Keong (former Malaysian soccer player), Kong Cheng Yee, Lim Lai Hock, His wife Wei Chin, Adam Primus and wife Liza.



shanghaistephen said...

Hey SUP,
Now you have exposed me and....that too with all the regular suspects,and tell me Mr. SUP you are not that Adam King fellow erhh?? You can't be lah...!
And Maria's husband's name is Rosnanie (but I'm not sure of the spelling !)
Cheers !

lazarus said...

Wah, nowdays non-bloggers like me don't get invites anymore eh, don't ah forget non-blogger old friends also who go back more than 30 years. Zorro must be getting forgetful in his old age. But all my best wishes to the newly-weds.

J.T. said...

Nice pictures. Looks like it was a fun party.

Mini hunk looks good. The lady in red velvet next to him is gorgeous. Liz, I presume. :)

I finally know what Shar101 looks like. Seen his comments around the regular blogs I visit.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi JT,
Shar101 sings better than he writes...I think so and he's a real lady's man, his charm mesmerizes ladies and even permeates through the net. thanks for dropping by. Have you settled down yet?

J.T. said...

Hi Tony

This is my 3rd attempt to try to put my comment through. If the earlier ones did make it through, please delete them.

Now.. Shar101. I believe I have seen his charm overflow at Eva's blog. I so enjoy reading comments that go between them. :)

As for me, I am more of less settled down. I still have some odds and ends to clear but nothing pressing.

The Ancient Mariner said...


I'm the new kid on the blog so I didnt get an invite too. Thats OK and like you here's wishing the very best to the newly weds.

Daphne Ling said...

Wow Tony,

Thanks for sharing the lovely day! I didn't even know there was a marriage *Shy*...
Yes, I sure can see the resemblance between Kevin and Uncle B...And little Patrick is such a darling! Sure to be a hearthrob one day...*Wink*

shar101 said...

Yikes! I'm sooooo busted.

Hey, bro. Where's the dance pics?

P.S. Haven't seen so many 'cuties' in one gathering for quite a while. My 'babe radar' got pretty messed up that night.

winniethepooh said...

congratulations to the newly wed. Many blissful marriage years to come! It seems like such a fun party, everyone seems to be to enjoying themselves throughly :)

eva's haven said...


lovely party. great photos.

is that Shar? honeybunch?


tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for dropping by.

Yes that's Shar. Had more pix of him dancing with some of the cuties at the party but didn't put them up. Shar gets all the nice ones and we end guess la.

Mat Salo said...

Congrats to the Happy Couple!