Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Masami I Learned.......

Attended a function at NPC last Friday. It was ok. Meeting of old buddies and new blogger friends. Lots to chat or some call it 'talk shop'. Never understood what that meant. The drinks and food were flowing - FOC - thanks to the host. As usual, the bar area was always the most crowded of places, whether the drinks were free or not. I, being familiar to NPC myself, find it at times difficult to find a way through this human barricade to order my drink. But I manage. With a little of 'who you know serving', one can manage to get your drink. As I was just hanging around the bar area, I noticed a timid looking young lass peering over this barricade, standing at times on toes, trying to get the attention of the bar person. I noticed this for a while. Then I approached her and asked,
'Do you want a drink?'
The answer was quick and crisp. 'Yes'.
What do want, a beer I asked?' at the same time asking myself who this SYT was.
'No, I don't drink beer' came the reply.
'Then?' I responded.
'Soft drink please'.
What soft drink I asked in return. This was really getting me amused but I was enjoying it.
Coke ...or Sprite...or anything...what they have la came the reply.
By this time I already finished my beer and was going for my next and I was in a hurry. Then I told her. '
Young lady, you better make up your mind. Its either coke or sprite. Which one?'
Then she hastily responded, coke la.
I, also on my toes looking over this obstacle of humans who refused to move away from the bar, gestured to my fellow filipina for a beer and a coke. Within a minute, I got what I ordered handed the coke to this young lady.
Before she left, I endeavoured to know who this SYT was. Who was I having this sort of skit episode with.
My name is Masami she said. I'm a journalist with the Malay Mail. Just joined 8 months ago. Before I let off Masami to her friends, I told her one thing.
I said, 'Masami, if at all you got nothing out of this function except some soft drinks and food and chatter, please learn one thing from our just concluded conversation in which you wanted a coke.
Be sure you know what you want...cock-sure some might say. Having decided what you already want, go get it. If there are challenges in front of you like this wall of human barricade preventing you from getting your drink, push yourself through these challenges so you can get what you want. If you can't possibly do that due to certain circumstances, then find someone who can help you attain what you want. If, latter on in life you are confronted with the same situation, but this time it may not be for drinks but for an opportunity and you do not apply all these things, you will probably deprive yourself of your heart's desire.
I shared with Masami this because there were many things I wanted in life. Most of it still remains a dream, a hope. Because I settled for the mediocre. I was not willing to push through that 'human barricade', that challenge that stood in front. I settled for less.
But its not too late. I'll apply the 'Masami Principle'.

'When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there'.

Zig Ziglar


J.T. said...

Good observation there, Tony.
You always manage to see things from a philosophical point of view. Well.. you don't call yourself Stand Up Philosopher for nothing. :)

It is so true that we must be sure of what we want. I am fickle sometimes but when I do target something, I will work towards it, challenges and all. :)

Raden Galoh said...

And good philosophy too, I would say... Even a get together like that made your mind spins with good thinking! Impressive bro...

I should emulate you then... not too late huh? Okay...let's not settle for the mediocre...

Thank you for the words for thoughts today bro! Cheers.

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi JT,
As usual, the first to share your insights. Like attracts like. That's why you attract so many to you blog. Keep it up diamond.
Oh, SUP was bestowed upon me by a fellow blogger. I did not choose it.

Hi RG,
Your spirit encourages me. I should emulate you sis. Have a nice day.

J.T. said...

Hi Tony

Oh yeah, I see that. The title SUP was bestowed upon you by none other than ShanghaiStephen. The steadfast guy who challenged me to blog in a time when bloggers are called liars and all-that-jazz (I won't use his exact words. haha)

Thank you for the kind compliments, my 'guru'. I have paid tribute to you in my latest posting. :)

Daphne Ling said...

Haha! I was struck by what you said: Cock-sure what you want, to paraphrase...
Yes! It's like Sieze the day, huh?
Thanks for the advice though. Will try to follow in your footsteps...Hopefully won't fall miserably...

zorro said...

Tony, I like the way you subtly weave your message thru. Suzzanne the photographer was the direct opposite yes? confident in what she wanted and it was offered to her by so many (of us) around the bar...she got what she wanted effortlessly. This girl will go far in whatever she chooses to be. She joining us this Friday, together with Body Language?

Hi Jacq....Tony borrow this space to say hi to Jacq, Daph and RG. RG congrats, heard your rowing team come in first. Syabas darling. Our Malaysian Lance Armstrong (female version of course.)

the witch's broo said...

ok, now mr anthony,i just need to point out something here.
you cannot apply the "Masami Principle" because if you do, you will continue to be uncock sure, uncertain, and will continue to be settling for less.
You have to avoid the "Masami Principle", if you could even flatter her with the word "principle".
I am not a journalist, but I know many. in fact it was a journalist who encouraged me to blog. she was a very prominent journalist.
masami strikes me as a very timorous person who lacks confidence.
Masami luckily has an excuse. she's only 8 months old. i would imagine that she did not get the job on account of her personaility.

however, i agree with you, mr anthony gayandato that we must be very focused and definite about what we want, and live with that decision, no matter where it will or has taken us.

stand-up philosopher said...

Zorro Sir,
Suzanne is the epitome of what 'normal us' should be. She knows what she wants. And she gets what she wants. Doing what she's passionate about and what she does is predominantly a male vocation. Check her website and see her wonderful work..www.suzanne-lee.com
Strange indeed, that we saw two persons, within the same social context, same gender, about the same age yet a vast difference in the style of their social interaction.

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Witch,
Interesting observation on my post. You manage to see the reverse side of my story.
The 'Masami Principle' are the principles derived from what Masami should have done. Not what she did. The next time I see a person doing the same thing as what Masami did, I will say to that person, 'If you want to move ahead in life, don't do a Masami'.
I must credit this principle to Masami simply because from her I learned valuable principles that can separate a person from being ordinary or mediocre to greatness.
Thanks WB for your valuable insight and contribution.

stand-up philosopher said...

Just a small correction Ms Witch. My name is Anthonio and not Anthony. No problem.....

eva's haven said...

Mr Anthonio....

oooooh, yes.. how could i forget. you came into my blog to say that you were antonio with an "h".

My apologies, antonio with an "h".
what a divine name.

is the person just as divine?

eva's haven said...

Dear Anthonio,

Happy Father's Day.
Sorry about the earlier comment. Couldn't help pulling that one. No, you haven't come into my blog saying that you are antonio with an "h".
But I did see you at the broo's saying that you were antonio with an "h".
Couldn't help ummm... teasing.
hope you don't mind.
Ms Witch, sorry about this.

Suzanne Lee said...

Dear Tony and Zorro,
Thanks for the very nice comments and thanks for visiting my humble space (www.suzanne-lee.com) in cyberspace.. wonder if you've seen almost all of the (hundreds of) photos there. You did spend quite some time there, didn't you? :)
Sorry I couldn't make it to the NPC that day but be sure that you will see more of me there. I like the hommie crowd company! :)
looking forward to some more critique and comments on my photographs!

stand-up philosopher said...

Thanks for dropping by Suzanne.I've yet to view all your pix but I will asap. Wonderful stuff.

alliedmartster said...

Tony G....
I am discovering a side of you which I never did know. Seems like many years ago when we were out hacking the fields...

I know my goal, and I know my obstacle. Now I just have to replicate....

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi alliedm,
Nice to hear from you again. When we play soccer, its easier to achieve our goal because we can see it. Its visible, in front of our eyes. But its different when we have personal goals which we aspire to achieve. Obstacles we don't expect and can't see. Distractions which affect our focus. My mentor once told me,let your goals be bigger than your obstacles and challenges. By doing this You will always see your goals inspite of the obstacles in front of us. Cheers!