Monday, June 18, 2007

Model Fathers

Its a little late for Father's Day wishes but better late than never.
I read DaphneLing's post on her Father's Day tribute to her dada. I thought it was sentimental. The past week, I've been listening over the radio what we will be doing for our Fathers during this FDay. Its good we do something for our fathers to remember that no matter what, they are still our fathers. But it got me to think otherwise. During FDay, what are fathers planning to do for their kids? This is really for fathers who are young, have kids that are toddlers, teenagers even. What can we do for our kids as fathers. Besides providing the material stuff which are important, I think our kids today need guidance on values, priorities, a model they can emulate. And the best model and teacher for good values, character and everything that leads to good morals should be we Fathers ourselves.
Happy Father's Day to all fathers.

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J.T. said...

Hi Tony

Happy Father's Day... once again, to you and all fathers everywhere.

I believe anytime is a good time to show fathers our appreciation. We do not have to wait for that one day in June to make it memorable. A father can experience it any day and declare it his day. :)

These are the days when a father knows all that he has taught his child, have been put to use. These are the days when he is proud of his achievements as a parent. I suspect these kind of days are in abundance in most families. :)