Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Says....Not Interpreted.

It is odd that, in the Lina Joy case, 3 of our esteemed and well educated judges, one a Chief Justice and the other a Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak, have dissenting views and judgement on this case. These learned judges were interpreting the Law not quoting the Law. The Law and Constitution was formed so that we as citizens of this beautiful country can all live in peace and harmony. So far so good with a little hiccup during the May 13, '69 disturbance. We don't even call it riots but a mere disturbance. As it was rightly so, a disturbance. For a few days, our normal daily lives was disrupted.

The Constitution is perfectly clear in practically all matters if we take it to the letter of the Law. Problems arise when we start interpreting these laws. Laws are not suppose to be interpreted. They are supposed to be implemented, referred to for clarification, for upholding. The danger of interpreting the law is when everyone has his/her own interpretation of the law. And that is perfectly alright, as long as it is only for opinion sake. We cannot use interpretation and pass judgement on any matter crucial or otherwise. For that we have to go back to the constitution and seek what the constitution has to say. How does it read. Our constitution is our last and only bastion of hope for freedom as citizens of this country. It was put to protect every free citizen. What does the constitution have to say in the case of one Lina Joy? Which Institution in this country of ours is the custodian of this constitution which guarantees and protects our rights? The constitution says.........not interpreted!

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zorro said...

Tony, an impactful piece. I like "implemented and not interpreted".Our muslim judges are like shifting sands in the desert....all depending on which side the wind blows or are directed to blow. And good or bad, it is a blow-job.