Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What Are We Attracting.

I just came back from my weekly Herbalife Opportunity Meeting. Got lots of encouragement and more insights and trainings to be successful in my Herbalife business.
Before leaving for my meeting this evening, I logged on to my blog for any comments to be moderated. I came across one, I must say typifies many of our way of thinking....as one would say, 'so typical'. It was from a person named Ben. Ben posted a website and told me to refer to it. When I saw the url add., I knew where Ben was coming from. I may not know what Ben's intentions were in posting this website for my reference, but giving him the benefit of a doubt, I think he was trying to warn me of any apparent dangers that may lie ahead in the business I am so passionately involved with...Herbalife. I think your intentions were noble Ben and I thank you for it.
But what really puzzles me is this. Why do we seek and delve on the negative and omit the positive? Why warn me about the negative reports about Herbalife when there are hundreds of websites on the positive aspects of Herbalife and how Herbalife has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world. These websites could easily negate anything that's bad about Herbalife. Ben could have sent me websites that are positive about Herbalife and encouraged me on my journey in achieving my dreams and goals with Herbalife. You see people, almost all the motivational gurus will tell you this: Beware of what we think because what we think is what we will attract towards us. If we think negative, we'll attract negative and the energy we emit will be negative. If we think positive, we attract things positive and will emit energy that is positive. And believe me, if you are very positive, that energy will be felt by the people around you. Ask my friend Tony Yew (Alliedmaster) http://www.muststopthis.blogspot.com/. So friends, BE POSITIVE. Is it so wrong to be positive? But you'll agree with me that it surely is damaging to be negative, to all concerned.

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shanghaistephen said...

Dear Philo,
Spoken like a true philosopher !
Very true Tony, it is like the company one keeps.. if one hangs out with ass-holes one tends to live and think like an ass-hole and when you hang out with the likes of you and me..... Boy...! you get the world at your feet..!Come to think of it Tony ,we must get rid of a few ass-holes masquarading in our midst too.. Cheers Tony and "go sieze the day"..man ! Live life ...herbal life...!!!