Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Silver State

Seems that the 'Silver' State needs polishing..and a real thorough one at that. In the year of HRH Silver Jubilee anniversary, this fiasco has to happen. Someone at the National Press Club commented last night, 'Whats happening in the Silver State is a circus'. Well if that is the case, I wish to know:
* Who are the clowns?
* Who is the Ring master?

I recall from my childhood that circuses are suppose to entertain us and make us happy. I don't think the people of the Silver State are amused...are they?

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zorro said...

Tony, the Ring Master is obvious....he just pays out.

The clowns (police, judiciay amongst them) were instructed to be just ridiculously stupid in thought,word and deed. Do that and you will be amply rewarded. Meantime we watch the show and who goes in and out of the palace, under the shade of the raintree.