Thursday, January 8, 2009

Responding, Not Reacting, to Life - Zig Zigglar

We are just into the 1st week of the new year and the good or bad news is that, we have 51 weeks left to do what we wish to do or accomplish or failed to do or accomplish in 2008.

This bring to mind the wise saying of Zig Zigglar:
'When you respond to life, that's positive; when you react to life, that's negative.'

Example: You get sick and go to the doctor. Chances are good that after an examination, the doctor would give you a prescription with instructions to return in several days.
If, when you walk back in the door, the doctor starts shaking his/her head and says, "It looks like your body is reacting to the medicine; we're going to have to change it," you probably would get a little nervous.
However, if the doctor smiles and says, "You're looking great! Your body is responding to the medication," you would feel relieved. Yes, responding to life is good...

The message is clear: If we respond to life instead of reacting to it, then we've got a much better chance of achieving something.
Respond, respond, respond....not react, not react, not react to circumstances.....this I must keep in mind...forever!

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