Wednesday, November 12, 2008


......I would like to say more about law, democracy and about our beloved country. But time does not permit. In any event, I have to be careful. The more we say, the more vulnerable we become. But my parting message is this: The people of goodwill must continue to strive to bring about change, so that we can rebuild the trust of all Malaysians. From that trust, we can rebuild the country where we do not live in fear, but in freedom; that the rights of all Malaysians are acknowledged, respected and protected by the system of law that is just and fair. There is no quest more honourable and a struggle more worthy of sacrifice.
-Zaid Ibrahim

It is said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. As long as there are people like Zaid Ibrahim around, we can rest assure that at the end of the day, truth and common sense will ultimately prevail.

I wish not to harp on the events that took place on that dark Sunday night of 9th November 2008 at the Amcorp Mall PJ and the PJ Civic Centre. Yes I was there too. I heard the conversation between the CPO and Angela. I heard the harsh, rude and condescending orders yelled at the gathering to disperse. I was chased too by a loud, vulgar screaming, plain-cloth guy ( I don't know if he's a cop, maybe he is ) for what, I'm still trying to comprehend. Till today I'm still trying to balance the logic of what transpired that Sunday night. How can a crowd that compromises about 50% women, 20% senior citizens and one catholic priest be considered violent. I'm afraid for our children and their children if nothing is done to address the political and racial bigotry that stalks our nation today.

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