Monday, September 15, 2008

Speaking Without Fear Or Favour

Interesting, this episode that surrounds the seditious charges brought against Malaysia's most illustrious blogger, to date, Raja Petra Kamarudin, on 6Th. May 2008. And now ISAed since 12th Sept.2008.

Pic courtesy of Zorro's blog

I have met this gentleman, a man of royal lineage, on several occasions at the National Press Club, in Kuala Lumpur. There seem to be a certain air of attraction that draws people towards him. Maybe because he is privy to classified information that only he seem privileged to possess. Whatever the reasons may be, this man possess gumption. He doesn't mince his words, when being interviewed or in his postings over his blog Malaysia Today. He says it like it is black and white is white. No grey areas.

And sad to say, its qualities like these that often get folks like this in deep trouble. Not that they sought trouble, but by virtue of their zealous and verbose expression of themselves and how they feel especially targeted at those that sit in places of authority. Punitive action seems to be the only way to silence them.

But folks like RPK, as he is fondly referred to, are men of element and character. You can't stop them. Its like trying to stop a wave from hitting the shores. RPK are among many bloggers in Malaysia that are championing the cause of free speech, independence of the judiciary, corruption, detention without trial, freedom of religion, good governance, clean and fair elections and the list goes on. For such people, in times of national deceit, to keep quite is like telling a lie, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act (AM Rosenthal & George Orwell). And because of his outburst against greed and corruption and against evil, he now sits behind bars. His only crime....his crusade against criminal acts of people in high offices.

Arthur Calwell once said, 'Its better to be defeated on principles than to win on lies'. And I got this from Joan of Arc......some children say people are hung for speaking the truth.

*The above post is a rehash from an earlier posting I did some months back.

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