Monday, August 4, 2008


You know how it is when your laptop gets corrupted. Work almost comes to a stand still if you use your PC/l-top a lot. If you have a good anti virus installed, and if you deal with the corruption asap, chances are you'll get your PC/l-top up and running again. I had this problem. My problem was, I let it be for more than a while. Now it is almost un-repairable, if there is such a word. It needs re-formatting I was told.

Its strange though, how in computer terminology, the word CORRUPT is used to define something in our computer that impedes free and untroubled usage of our computers. If our PCs/l-tops are corrupted, everything goes haywire and work crawls to almost a snail's pace.

Using this analogy, what if a system of operation or management or authority gets corrupted? just like our PCs and l-tops, everything is interrupted, slows down or derailed. If the problem is arrested at a very early stage, things can be rectified. But what if it was like me and we deliberate or procrastinate? Its chaotic. Do we see a resemblance in the things around us today? Things are not moving smoothly. Seems like there are viruses galore and its causing a corruption.

Karl Kraus, an Austrian poet and playwright once said, 'Corruption is worst than prostitution. Prostitution only endangers the morals of the individual. Corruption invariably endangers the morals of the entire nation.'

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