Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Need Help And Advice- URGENT

I do not have a cold but a stubborn cough. This is due to presence of phlegm in my throat. It has been 5 days now.
Any advice on how to get rid of this nagging PHLEGM? Any traditional method is also welcomed.

Thank you.


Estrelita Soliano said...

Hi Tony, Some time ago, I had what was known as the 100 day cough. After taking many failed remedies, one doctor actually recommended me to take Cap Ibu dan Anak cough mixture and it worked. Meding shared an Indian "petua" about eating "nangka" and that also cured my stubborn cough on other occasions. Hope you get better, sweetie!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Lita,
Thanx for the tip. At the moment I'm willing to try anything. My cough is actually due to phlegm presence. Any advice on how to get rid of the phlegm?

J.T. said...

Hi Tony

Sorry to hear you are uncomfortable with that cough. I was using an over-the-counter cough mixture (the kind that breaks up phlegm) a few weeks back. It helped some.

I was also drinking hot tea with honey and lime.

Hope you feel better soon.

Old Fart said...

Hi Antonio,

I stay by the wash basin and cough it all out...But the best way I have found is to get totally drunk and then vomit the whole bloody thing out together with bile and all...And if this not helpful..if it is mostly dry cough..I'd say watch it.

In Novemebr/December I had one of those that kept going on and on until it finally ended up with me having wheezing asthmatic like atacks..suddenly cannot breathe and all. Went to see a respiratory doctor who diagnosed it as "acid reflux" or something.. .Well, it took another month or so to clear. But clear it did!!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi JT,
I'm trying this tea with honey and lemon stuff. I'm almost out of lemon and its still there this phlegm. I think the traditional method works but I'm still waiting to get an advice on that.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hey Ol Fart,
I tried warm stout, it didn't work. I tried b/label with warm water, it didn't work. Its just the phlegm la. Thats what is irritating my throat. Just need to get rid of this phlegm and all will be well.

Estrelita Soliano said...

Try the nangka. It clears up the phlegm. Nothing to lose, my dear!

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Ok Lita I'll try it. Thanx

Anonymous said...

I would suggest not to take any cough medication. This will prevent you from coughing the phlegm out. Take something that can loosen the phlegm and then cough it out. There are some good medication in the pharmacy.

Raden Galoh said...

Hi Tony..

My alte MIL used to practise this a spoonful of kicap (soya sauce and a few drops of lemon juice -limau kasturi ya) it helps cure her phlegm it seemed. In my house i practise using the kembang semangkuk the one in lin chi kang drink and honey soak the kembang semangkuk (get it from senseh) overnight and throw the skin away (it peels off easily) then add honey. Drink warm in the morning.

At night before you sleep gurgle this concotion: dilute some salt in warm water. A few times.

Hopefully you'll get better dear bro.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Hope you are ok and sleep well.
Any remedy to share?

Thank you. ChoonLee.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot cuntal-juice ??? good for coughs, head-aches and hepetitis a-z.
You have to take your own medicine sometime,all that advice you have been dishing out. and what about herbalife ....not working ?

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Cuntal juice is good for coughs, colds and headaches. Mine is phlegm problem. I'm afraid cuntal juice will add to the problem due to its texture hehehe. As for herbalife, its has so far kept me from other ailments other than just this phlegm.

Kelong Jimmy said...

Dear Stand-up Comedian,
The cure to your ailment is none other than cuntal juice. Two drops, with breaks of five seconds, and then another two drops. Continue until ailment is soothed.

bluskyes said...

I heard manuka honey helps as's a special honey from New Zealand, and apparently the manuka factor has healing properties. It also helps for healing wounds and ulcers (I found out about it coz I buy it for my dad to dress his diabetic ulcers).
I know a couple of people suffering from persistent coughs and phlegm who are feeling better after taking this. Not sure exactly where you can find it in KL, though, I think you might have some luck in pharmacies or natural food stores. good luck and hope you get well soon!