Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That's Why We Are Sluggish

Malaysian health statistics quoted in the National English daily, New Straits Times, April 2007 issue;
- 26% of Malaysians are obese
- 10,000 deaths per year due to heart attacks, strokes, heart failures
- 6,000 deaths due to heart diseases
- 3,000,000 with high cholesterol
- 40,000 new cases of cancer every year
- 2.1 million diagnosed with diabetes

Staaaaaaaaagering figures. Malaysia is the most overweight and obese nation in all of Asia.

Why this staggering figures? Simple. The food is so good and we HARDLY ever exercise. This is a fact that has just been proven right. Just recently...after March 8 2008.

Because ,
the only exercise we ever get,( from our leaders down to the man on the street ) is....
Jumping to conclusions, running down our friends and neighbours, side-stepping responsibilities, pushing our luck and throwing tantrums. (author unknown).

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