Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Let The Work Begin.

They are still arguing out there. Name and cat calls over the media, in a place where we make our laws, in public places. The fingers are pointing. When is the work going to be done? The work of rebuilding our nation's battered image on the international front - in every facet from politics, justice to sports.
The people have decided after March 8. New faces appear. Some old ones are still around. Please don't tell us what you are doing or going to do is for the poor, for the people , for the race, for the religion. JUST DO LA. JUST DO THE WORK. If it is not satisfactory, we will change the carpet the next time around. After March 8, we now know how to throw out a dirty carpet.
Its difficult times and uncomfortable times and embarrassing times for some. But the work must begin. If we want to see a beautiful rainbow, we must first learn to enjoy the rain. Some called it the tsunami. Whatever!
For the new leaders, the new upstarts, don't try to be better than your predecessors. Just try hard to be better than yourself and everything will be OK. No point trying to be great or greater than the guy last time. Just rise to the challenges. The challenges of making this land an envy of the world. Not a milking cow for some. I try to pay less attention to what people or our leaders say. I watch what they do and record them so that the next time I need to choose a leader, I take out my record books and do my revision. Who's in and who's out.
I'm looking for people who talk about ideas. I want to follow them. Not people who talk about other people and other people and other people. No need to convince us. We know who's good and who's not good. Who's right and who's wrong. Who's lying and who's not. We know. Only not in detail.

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plebisitz said...

Ideas is one thing. Everyone can give ideas. Some are good, some are silly, some are a wee bit too ambitious, some are pointless, and some tend to force their brilliant idea down their followers throats. Ideas. Politicians are full of them. For what reasons? A million and one. Those who did give such brilliant ideas before, start executing them, and the new people up and coming ones dont plant ideas you cant execute in the future.