Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Greedy WE All

Huh, I read all the farce and fiasco, scandals, threats, insults, arrests, financial and asset juggle lings and so on and so on, and I stand in awe and wonder how all these could have happened in such a nice and wonderful place like my homeland.
There is a saying that goes like this, 'A greedy father will have thieves for children'.
Mignon Mclaughlin once said, 'We are all born brave, trusting and greedy and most of us remain greedy.' So the fighting goes on. But at least some people are trying to put things right. And we must give them a chance...at least for want of trying lest they succeed..and hurray if they do!
I know many are like me. We just want to live in peace and harmony forever and ever. But I don't think its possible. Its an Utopia we are asking for and Utopias don't exist. Do they? Can they?


sYaNa said...

can we at least achieve half an Utopia, if possible ... my wishful thinking ...

J.T. said...

I don't believe Utopia will ever exist. As long as there are greedy individuals, we will always have that imperfect world.

But we can look at it positively and say that in this imperfect world, we have beautiful individuals who try to make things right. And that makes this world an almost perfect place.

plebisitz said...

Judging from the hatred I see being potrayed in blogs and their comments, I'm getting near the scpetical side of it. I used to believe that all Malaysians love each other for who and what we are regardless of our differences. Judging from the behaviours of our leaders, AND also from the public (via the blogs and internet). I say errr..........??

How is Malaysia going to be for our children? :?