Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Give Us What We Are Worth.

Three days to go and Malaysians will be out in droves to cast their votes in the 12th general election since Independence.
The mood is reminiscent of past GEs except that on the ground, the rakyat seem a bit more cautious of the realities that surround the nation politically, socially, economically and religiously.
There seem to be discontenment and murmurs of change that fill the air. Its almost the same sort of feeling as in previous GEs only this time round, the rakyat seemed a little more serious and audacious about this change.
If there was a time for people to blow their own trumpets, its best heard during the GE. Everyone, I mean everyone, from Govt. to PM, to Ministers, to YB hopefuls, to Oppositions. Everyone. With no exception, everyone says ALOUD...I HAVE DONE THIS, I HAVE DONE THAT..BLA BLA BLA. EVERYONE SAYS THEY HAVE DONE SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE RAKYAT.
The Govt. says they have done well. So I say, 'Well done'. But isn't it your PARAMOUNT DUTY TO DO SO? Are you doing us a favour by doing what you PROMISED you will do and get paid to do, and paid handsomely in the event? Yet I still live in a urban neighbourhood that has seen crimes and burglaries on the increase and Condominiums and housing developments being approved even in over densely and populated areas. How can this be so. And the wakil rakyat , when informed about this has only this to reply, "I was not aware of this". And come GE, you tell us you have kept in close contact with the rakyat. Hey, the lists of rubbish goes on. Just look around.
The Opposition remonstrates and promises they can do better. We'll see if you can do what you say. But get in first. And if you succeed, can you create for us a society that will not grow enfeebled, fair to all and most of all, GIVE US WHAT WE ARE WORTH. Or are you going to be a reflection of the present except that you wear a different cloak.
But we can cry till the cows come home...about the present govt. and about the opposition. Come 9/3/08, whoever holds the reins of power have 5 years to prove your worth and walk the talk. From hence forth, the GEs after 8/3/08 will see a different sense of urgency in voting. The forth coming GEs after 8/3/08 are truly going to be the rakyat's true choice of who they want in power. The rakyat is learning now how to throw out a dirty carpet. And the spring cleaning begins 8/3/08.

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J.T. said...

We need a change. Whoever wins will have a whole load of work ahead.

If some people are given yet another chance, this is the time to get off their high seats and get on their knees and do some scrubbing.