Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Two Men I Met

I once met a man called Eric Depp. He is French. His goal in life was to work only 10 days in a month and the rest of the month, go on holiday. Audacious goal? Well that's what Eric Depp is doing right now. He has achieved it. I was privileged to sit in a training session conducted by Eric Depp. His opening statement was, 'I'm here not to motivate you. If you are not motivated , no one can motivate you. There is enough information to keep us motivated. Its up to us'.
Few more quotes from Eric Depp..
"There are few things in our lives we consider urgent..more urgent than important. But we do not do the things to meet that urgency. Therefore its not urgent".

" If you have Goals and Dreams, write them down. And don't just write them down, you must be willing to LEARN and must be willing to WORK to achieve your goals and dreams".

" Everything has a price. There is a price for success. Its call work".

"Money is the consequence of what we do. If we want more money, we must do more. If we do less, we get less money".

I met another man. His name is Amertat Cohn. Amertat was and still is Eric Depp's mentor. I was also privileged to sit in a training session conducted by Amertat Cohn this weekend. He asked this question that caught everyone by surprise.
He asked, 'How many of you feel that you are not paid what you are worth right now?' Almost everyone put their hands up....almost 4,000 of us. He responded, 'I'm sorry. What you are earning right now is exactly what you are worth BECAUSE the market place pays us exactly what we are worth'.
He further went on and quoted Jim Rohn when he said, 'Sunday we Dream. Monday to Saturday we Work'.


zorro said...

Your two friends: They are so brief but their messages are so pregnant with meanings.

Yulini said...

HI tony, thanks for reading my blog. So when you are back to Canada visit Calgary, you will get great time visiting Rockies.

theuptownlife said...

thanks for sharing.

indeed, two great role models!