Friday, August 3, 2007

To Each His Own

Someone once said, 'God feed the birds, but He did not throw the food into its nests'.
What ever we desire in life, we can achieve it. Only if we are prepared to Work at getting it. If we Dream It, Than Do It. I had big dreams. 2 years ago 'miziz' and I left our 9-5 jobs in pursuit of a dream of operating a Cafe. We did it. Bought a Cafe in the northern suburb of KL call Bukit Tunku (formerly Kenny Hills). After 2 years of operation, we wanted a bigger challenge. The Cafe was exciting but we knew we can do better. So last month, with a heavy heart, we sold our beloved cafe in pursuit yet of a bigger dream. A cafe in the Mediterranean. Can we achieve this? Of course. Is it going to be easy? Of course NOT. The climb is always difficult. But one step forward is one step closer to the top.
We all have dreams. We must have. Only people alive dream. But dreams without action means we are still sleeping. Am I still sleeping, dreaming? Or have I awaken from my slumber to Work on my dreams. Have I come out of my nest in search of the food God has prepared for me.
My 'nest' comfort zone! My 'nest' security! My 'nest' little world.
Some snicker or scoff at people who dare to dream. They say we Dreamers are out of touch with reality. True, but only to dreamers who only dream void of action. I have a dream..we have a dream. And I'm shouting it out to the world of this dream. Some will emulate. Some will laugh. Some will encourage. Others don't give a damn. Its ok. To each his own.


winniethepooh said...

It is never easy taking that first step, just like a baby who have learnt to walk..soon, he will be running and discovering more wonders in life! :)

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi PoohBear,
You're spot on there. We always forget the early years when we learnt to walk. How many times we fall, yet we got up and try and try again until we were able to walk on our own.
Yet we do not apply this basic principle in pursuit of our goals. When we encounter challenges, we give up. We forget the basics. We forgot how we persisited when we wanted to walk.
Back to the basics and do it over and over and over and over and over again and our wildest dreams will come true.
Thank you Winnie for dropping by.

J.T. said...

With so many things in life, if we want it, we have to get it ourselves. Everyone has different views about dreams, ambitions and successes. Thus, why some snicker and scoff at others (like the person who said I am not ambitious - in my post "Choices in Life" some time back)
Just because I choose not to talk about my dreams and ambitions, it does not mean I do not have them.

Dare to dream because when you act on it, you will achieve it - struggles and all.

All the best to you, Tony.