Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't Stop Blogging

It's one week before Merdeka Day (Independence Day). 50 years on and what have we to offer our next generation. The government of the day thinks they have done well thus far. Yes, if structures and infrastructures are anything to go by. However some quarters absolutely do not agree. There is a strong current of dissatisfaction as far as whats happening today in lovely Malaysia. The on-going war between certain quarters within the government and bloggers for instance. Some are being sued by corporations. Some hauled and quizzed and some labeled stupid, pondans, monkeys, bodoh, goblok rectums and liars and the list goes on. These names and cat-calls hurled at bloggers are for their audacious act to challenge the 'antics' of certain sections and personalities in government and corporations they feel are unscrupulous, unjust, uncouth, and untrue. Are these bloggers right? Well, they are entitled to an opinion. An opinion that can only be aired in blog sphere. Mainstream media can, I suppose, but with masterly stroke in its execution so as not to ruffle feathers, as they say. If bloggers are right, then why are some people upset? If my Bahasa is not wrong, there is a Malay saying that says, "Siapa makan cili, dia la terasa pedas". If I was the government at hand, I would whole-heartedly welcome bloggers comments and insights as these would provide another channel of checks and balances for a good, clean and stable government. Elvis Presley rightly said, "I don't like people who are in politics for themselves and not for others. You want that, you can go into show business". Imagine the great Elvis...The King of rock and roll..what an insight. Truth will always prevail. That's the way the universe works. You can suppress truth but you cannot kill it.
Yes, I'm for a clean and just government. After 50 years of independence, we must have some spring cleaning so that we can prevail another 100 years and more......for our children and their children and their children. And if bloggers can contribute to that end, I cast my vote with them as I will for anyone who stands for honesty, integrity and harmony. We must continue to speak out. We must. If we cannot change the system, make sure the system does not change us.
Fellow blogger Rocky Bru, once posted in his blog, "I am anti-corruption, anti-racism, anti-war, anti-apartheid, anti-child abuse, anti-crime, anti-spying, anti-plagiarism. I am not anti-government". I echo with that.
Before I end, I wish to share a story I picked up from my favourite evangelist and preacher, Dr. Ravi Zacharias.........
'One of the just man came to Sodom determined to save its inhabitants from sin and punishment. Night and day he walked the streets and markets protesting against greed and thefts, faults and indifference. In the beginning, people listened and smiled ironically. Then they stopped listening. He no longer even amused them. The killers went on killing, the wise kept silent as if there were no just men in their midst. One day a child, moved with compassion for this unfortunate teacher approached him with these words. "Poor stranger, you shout, you scream. Don't you see that it is hopeless?" "Yes I see" answered the just man. "Than why do you go on shouting and screaming?" asked the young boy. "I'll tell you why little boy. In the beginning, I thought I could change man. Today I know I can't. If I still shout today, if I still scream today, it is to prevent man from ultimately changing me".
What are our options. What is at stake. What are the issues. Will we stop shouting? Will we stop screaming? But please don't stop blogging.


Daphne Ling said...

Wow Tony,
That was a beautiful and profound post. I don't think any of us will stop blogging any time soon, even if we're called whatever's. After all, why stop something which does no harm and which we enjoy? I like the little 'story' you shared at the end. It's not how we change others, but how we true to ourselves. How profound. Thanks for sharing, and Happy early Merdeka to you...Cheerio!

eva's haven said...


Bloggers are the new media. The alternative media. The fact that the some representatives of the Malaysian goverment are working hard to discredit them shows that bloggers are becoming more and more influential.
I also see that de facto PM, Khairy J, is happily on the anti-bloggers bandwagon.
Now, how low can you go?

So, Antonio, no good blogger should retire.
I wish my fellow Malaysians a happy Merdeka. There is no reason not to be happy. The fact that there are people awakened to all that is not right in the country is good enough. It gives us hope.

J.T. said...

Another good post from my guru. :)

When we keep shouting, we drown out the forces that try to make us conform to their way of life. The people that point fingers at bloggers and try to push them back, I think, are the ones that need to take a good look at themselves. They are creating an obstacle.

If they cannot go with the flow, they need to step aside. If they want to move along with us, then walk with us. If they cannot keep up with the pace then someone will take them by the hand and walk along with them.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Daphne,
Profound? Not so. Just a guy reflecting on whats going on in our beautiful country. Thanks for dropping by. Your posts encourages me a lot too. Happy Merdeka to you too.

Hi Eva,
Yes, lots of things to be happy about. Happy Merdeka to you dear. And my AntHonio is with a 'H' problem. Don't know why my father added an 'H' there.

the witch's broo said...

Bloggers are a force to be reckoned with. How do you explain the shenanigans of our esteemed (yuk!) ministers and elected reps?

As I approach my country's 50th golden anniversary of independence, I am reflecting on the good old days. Imagine that? so what days are we having now?

no doubt we have a very weak national leadership.
i get the feeling that powerful people are going about happily doing their own thing, making their own decision -- without fear.
Look at the (37) charges against a corrupt politician that were dropped!

And many more unresolved issues.
And they are angry with Weng Chee?

Happy Merdeka, Antonio!


Dont stop blogging,
Don't stop screaming and shouting,
Dont stop sharing
Dont stop learning and teaching,
Dont stop fucking up those greedy politicians
who care not for us but for their own pockets,
Dont stop drinking
Dont stop screwing up those holier-than-thou bastards who think play god with us,
Dont stop writing,
Dont stop travelling,
Dont stop singing; Elvis never did,
Dont stop, dont stop, dont stop

shanghaistephen said...

I ditto rocky,
and Cheers !!!